Vanessa Bundschu is a current student in the master’s in Television at the University of the Arts London. She is focused on creating Factual programmes from storytelling an understanding the business side on putting together a TV format. She also graduated of Ringling College of Art & Design with a Visual Studies major, a minor in Business, and a focus on Production. She has worked on multiple projects under time constraints that required collaborating with others in different art majors and backgrounds. This led her to be more aware of other cultures and to appreciate learning new techniques and skills, such as patience, being a team player and conceptualizing. Vanessa worked at Art Network, Ringling's Film Production program, for five years. It has taught her more about camera operating, video editing, using programs; Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, Cinema 4D, etc. In her last year Vanessa had the privilege of producing two films and co-producing a third one with a class. She produced Buddy Cruise: How The Students Were Impacted, Watermelon: A Cautionary Tale, and collaborated with the class film, On the Wings of Performance.